Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 9: Beauty

Day 9. Beauty.

Today was beautiful. The morning was beautiful. This afternoon was beautiful. This evening was frustrating, but beautiful. I have been painting all day. I'm tired and really overwhelmed. But I am happy I've made so much progress. My bedroom is officially painted.

I want to do a blog post specifically about my room when I move in but here is a sneak peek.

[Notice the heart my dad etched into the wall for me ♥ ]


Ehlana stopped by...

Ryan did this behind my back while I was off being frustrated.
Good boy.
Im so done painting. So glad its done. All that is left is to put the floor in and trim and touch-up and put outlets in. Then move in Saturday. It will happen.

Now. Back to what made me happy. Spiderwebs. These silly things are EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. Seriously. There is a massive spider overtaking going on outside. Its impressive. And beautiful. Creation never ceases to amaze me.

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