Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 12: Sleepovers, Sunshine, Snacks, and Sneezes

Day 12. Sleepovers, Sunshine, and Snacks.

I love Ehlana Struth. Last night Ehlana came over at 10:30 to sleep in my room with me so I wouldn't be scared my first night alone. She is such a good friend. We were up the whole night eating a carton of mint chip ice cream and watching old episodes of The Hills. I just really like that gal.

Sunshine. Today was amazingly sunny. I love this sunny-looking-but-really-cold weather. LOVE it. I started studying then ended up falling asleep sitting at the picnic table while I was studying. It was so nice.
Notice my pink Give a Shirt. ♥
Snacks. Today I made pumpkin bars. Enough said.

Sneezes. My dog just sneezed on me and now my leg is wet. It was cute so I don't care.

The End.

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