Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 5: Worship

Day 5. Worship.

I love worship music. LOVE IT. Today I (and the rest of my church) experienced a mind-blowing-teary-eyed-incredible worship service. My face had chills. My stomach had chills. This was the kind of worship that makes you remember why you fell in love with Jesus in the first place. Let me tell you how it went.

So at the 11:00 service, Logan Martin was leading worship for the last time as an official staff member. He told the story of how King David was called out for being an undignified worshipper. Now, the funny thing about David was, he was worshipping Jesus because he loved Jesus. This was before the cross. This was before his sins were paid for. Isn't that incredible? We often worship Jesus for what he did for us. But what if He didn't die on the cross and save us?? Would we still have the same passion for Christ if the cross was forgotten? Often I get so wrapped up in worshiping Jesus because it makes me feel better. But I realized, ITS NOT ABOUT ME.

Anyway, so Logan went on to invite us to become undignified worshippers. So we did. People knelt, people clapped, people shouted for joy. We got out of our comfort zone and just worshipped our great God. Then, as if it was icing on the cake, a woman went over to the cross and nailed a white ribbon into it (At SAC, that symbolizes new life in Christ). It was such a powerful moment for me. I get face chills just thinking about it. I can honestly say this was the most moving experience I have ever felt.

The Wonderful Cross was a prominent piece in this worship experience. I never took the words seriously until today. You can hear it here:

So, in closing, I challenge you to imagine worship without the cross. Worship Jesus for JESUS. What is your faith like without the cross? Could you still worship Jesus without Him dying for you? What about Heaven? Would you still want to go to Heaven if Jesus wasn't there? What are our motives behind our faith? Think about that.

We cannot loose sight in what we are doing.

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