Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 18: Robin Hood

Day 18. Robin Hood.

I think I am in love with Robin Hood. Or maybe the idea of him. Or maybe I'm in love with the idea Lady Marion. Who knows. I love powerful women (not creepy). I am a sucker for princess movies or anything to do with women being the hero at the end. But I think it goes on beyond "girl power". I like the idea of a woman being strong and courageous and still getting an amazing life at the end. I think women have the opportunity way too much to be the princess that needs to be saved. So many girls play dumb and helpless in order to be saved by their prince. This is so not how it works. I refuse to sacrifice my character to play the part of a princess. It honestly breaks my heart to see girls act foolish to gain attention. I am aware that it is so much easier to play dumb then be smart, but it is so much more real to be honest. Unfortunately, we are human for now. Life is going to get bad before we feel better. But for now we have to make the best of it. So to all the girls who want to be saved by Robin Hood, we have to fight next to him instead of slowing him down to save us too. We need to start fighting for ourselves.

Besides...didn't Someone already die in battle for us?? and no. its not Russell Crowe...

But it did make for a good movie.
I still love Robin Hood.

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