Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 6: Fall

Day 6. Fall.

Today was perfect. The air was cold. The sun was shining. Today was lovely. Fall might be my favorite season. Or winter. I don't know. It's a tie. But I love fall for many reasons. Today is a testament why:

1. More bed sheets. Fall=cold=more blankets=cozy. Last night I added my quilt to my stack of six blankets I sleep with. It was the coziest feeling I have felt in a while. I fell right to sleep.

2. Fun Coincidences. How strange is this...a nice boy in my Lit class is going to Biola too. Seriously. What a small world. Oh. And he wears TOMS. And he smells good. Which is kinda rare at Chemeketa.

3. Cardigans. Today I broke out my favorite old man cardigan. It is a perfect gray color and it is long and cozy. Last year I'm pretty sure I never took it off. I have a feeling this year will be the same.

4. Wind. I woke up this morning and saw sunshine. Expecting it to be warm, I walked outside and it was FREEZING (hence the need for the cardigan). It was chilly and it made me shiver, but I love it. I love being really cold then warming up.

5. FOOOOOOOD. I got home from work today and my mother saved me some of my favorite fall foods. Blueberry muffins, Swedish meatballs, green bean casserole. We topped it off with a pumpkin creamcheese cake roll and dark chocolate raspberry hot chocolate. YUMMMMMM. Seriously. I wish I could slice my belly open and eat it all over again.

6. Books. I love reading. Last night Hannah picked me up a new book while she was at Borders. I can't wait to get into it.

7. Clean bedrooms. This cozy time of year has inspired me to finally clean my room. It was a mess. Possibly the worst it has ever been. I kept telling myself it was only because I am about to move rooms, but no. It was really, really bad. Like so bad my suitcase was still not put away from California-bad. Alas, it is clean and I am cozy.

I love sooooo much more about fall. But today just got me so excited for this wonderful season. What do you love about fall??

Told you it was bad.
Notice how the only clear space is where the door opens...

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