Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 16: Sleep

Day 16. Sleep.

Last night I did not post because I was sleeping. So not blogging made me happy last night.
My day went like this:

Wake up.
Was determined to accomplish things.
Got distracted by the internet.
Felt bad that I let the internet waste my time.
Got one tiny assignment done.
Got ready for work.
Went to work.
Finished those assignments I never did.
Ate lasagna.
Watched old episodes of The Hills with Hannah.
Went to the Hospital for a little visit.
Went to the coffee shop.
Talked to Prudence.
Watched the office.
Thought about blogging.

I'm not sure why I just outlined all that, but it makes me feel better about not blogging. So here I am. Next day. Today will be fun. It is weird I'm not working today, but I have a fun little day planned ahead of me. So now, I have to finish History so I can enjoy this weekend.


Oh. and this makes me laugh. Chemeketa's online "tip of the week":
The convenience of online classes requires extra time. Still, it's safer than driving through traffic.

Thanks Chemeketa. Good logic. I feel safer.

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