Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day33: Bible Study- Part 2

Day 32.Bible Study- Part 2.

Ok. Here is the story about my Bible study.

So a month ago I decided I needed to be in a Bible study. I looked for one with people my age and pretty much had zero luck. I'm at that weird age where I am not in high school but I am not in my 20s. I also really wanted to stay connected with Salem Alliance even though many kids from school have let me check out their college groups. So anyway, I pretty much gave up hope. Then Carol Adams came along. She told me about the foundations class she was in and invited me to it. Last wednesday I went and I loved it. It is just what it sounds. It is the basic foundations of Christianity. There are people from all different spiritual place and it feels super inviting and open. I really enjoy it. In fact, I am going to try and get wednsdays off from work so I can attem regularly. It is fabulous. So thanks Carol. I guess God wanted me to join a group study and this happens to be a great one!

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