Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 28: Halloween-Part Deux

Day 28. Halloween-Part Deux.

My, oh my. Where to start?? Last night was FUN. I was a kitty cat. My plan was to be a ghost but Hannah ruined that when she didn't like the cat ears I bought for her costume. Long story short: we had two cat ears, thus there were two cats. It was just a fun evening of food, friends, and more food. Honestly, I just love any reason to celebrate (not that I "celebrate" halloween, I just like to party :)). But yeah, check out our costumes:

Oh man. I loved this night. The highlight of it?? Bobbing for apples!! YES! It was really hard actually. But fun. Oh man. So much food. I'll try to add more pictures when I get them from Ehlana. Oh and how can I forget...FIONA!! She was a banana split. She hated it. I think she was embarrassed because she kept hiding while it was on. It was funny. But it made it tricky to get a good picture.

This is the banana hat, not a KKK hat. Just saying...
Oh man. So good. Also, I have an update on the status of my pumpkin. It is sad news. Very sad. MY PUMPKIN MOLDED. Really bad. Like really, really bad. I carved it on a Sunday and by Thursday it was moldy and dripping black liquid. Here. Look for yourself.

Sad, I know. But I am drowning my pain with an eggnog latte from Starbucks. I seriously wait all year for the holiday drinks to come out. Yummy. I am so cozy right now. Oh. And 55 days till Christmas. YAYYYY!!
eggnog is yummmmmy

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