Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 35: Music

Day 35. Music.

My music taste has been crazy lately. CRAZY. I have been listening to everything from Yael Naim (bedtime) to Mumford and Sons (driving) to She & Him (study music) to Ellie Goulding (music that makes me dizzy) to Taylor Swift (annoy Hannah music) to Gungor (my happy Jesus music) to Hellogoodbye (my highschool/memory music) Temper Trap (music to scream the lyrics) to The Almost (my always playing music) to Justin Timberlake (my never-gets-old-music). I have never listened to such a weird assortment of music. But I like it. It is me.

The song I keep replaying is this song from The Almost. The ending gets me every time...

Oh. Here is a picture of me & Pru from this weekend.

Not sure why I am so pink, but that is ok. It was a fun weekend.

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