Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 48: Wonder

Day 48 (for real this time). Wonder.

This is my day in pictures:
The first thing I saw when I looked out on the backyard this morning
Snow date with some of my favorite children in the world. Bright and early!!
We tried...
Some great finds at the thrift store

and yes. that is Orlando Bloom...

So my day started early with a playdate with the Adams family. We played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, snuggled, and played games. It was so much fun. Those children make me so happy.

I went straight from there to a fun lunch at Shari's to celebrate Ehlana's birthday. The plan was to go to French Press buuuuut it kind of snowed and that got ruined. Yet, we were still able to surprise Ehlana with the beautiful Molly and Luke. It was so fun to plan and it was wonderful to see them. Seriously I can't think of a more fun way to spend this snowy birthday.

After lunch we braved the elements and went to Value Village. Seriously we are the thrifting team. I found some amazing room decorations and the fun dress that I plan to cut up and remake. It will be good. I hope.

THEN...I can home and SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! Christy and Tim came a day early. They live in Seattle area and I did not think they would be able to come. But they did and I am so happy. It is so good to have them here. I love them so much.

To top it off, we went over to Sarah's and did the final planning for my moms party and getting things ready. I also was able to talk to Jessica a little bit and it just made me so excited to see my entire family in a month.

I love my family. Today marks a year ago that my grandma passed away. She was the most wonderful woman in the world and had such a great love for her family and everyone she met. My cousin Jessica put my feelings in to words perfectly. Today she wrote: "Yet one year ago today, my grandma became an even more beautiful angel!! She has blessed my life beyond any measure!! She was wonderful, loving, caring, terrific, forgiving, amazing, kind, generous, nurturing, Godly and again loving, servant of God!! I am thankful to have her watching over me and my children!".

I miss my grandma but I am so happy she is out of pain and memory loss. She is free and knowing this is freeing for me. She has created this amazing family that I have and I am so thankful for that. I don't know what I would do without these people.

So yes. I am so thankful for today. It was a day spend in wonder of Gods grace and love, and spending my day with all the people I love. Seriously. My day has literally been filled with people who I love and people who love me. It was a great way to spend today.

As I drift off to sleep I will be thinking of how wonderful today was and how much I have changed (for the good) from last year.

I am so happy.

Oh family.

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