Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 29: Coffeeshops and what-not

Day 29. Coffee shops and what-not.

Today I went on coffe shop overload. I had a lazy morning around the house then went to Broadway to study. Then Pam (Pru's mom) texted me and we met up at Starbucks. Oh man. I love this lady. It was fun to catch up. I love this time of year. Everything seems so festive and hopeful. Plus I love the fashion for this year. What my favorite item of the fall so far?? HIGH SOCKS. yesss. This is how I wear them:
I love the look of dresses/skirts with over the knee socks. This is Ehlana's skirt and she found it at a thrift store but it is definitely homemade. I so want to make one. It is my new goal. Make a new skirt before winter.

Oh. and after my coffee date with Pam, I ran into Sephora and got new nail polish. This one is called Looks Like Rain, Dear. Get it?!? Reindeer?!?! Ahh. I love Christmastime. Anyway, check it out. Soooo sparkly.

Oh man. Good day. And now I will leave you with a collage of apple bobbing.

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