Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 48: Haircuts

Day 48. Haircuts.

I got a haircut today. Nothing drastic. Just a thin and trim. But holy cow. It feels so much better. Getting my haircut is the best. I love it. My head feels like 6 pounds lighter. I have wayyy too much crazy hair. I am worried when it gets really long that it will get heavy and hurt my neck. It is so thick. But hey. At least when I'm 80, I'll still have really full hair. Right? Anyway, the sweet lady had to straighten it to cut it correctly. So enjoy it while its here. I no longer straighten my hair. It took forever, but I have finally embraced its crazy curls. But it is still nice to have sleek, smooth hair for a day.

P.S. The weather outside is frightful.

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