Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 39: Fog

Day 39. Fog.

Ugggg. I am so tired. Working in retail is hard work. I never knew how hard it would be till I started working in it. It is intense.

But I am happy!! It could be any reason. Like these:

1. The bruise on my knee from a hardcore light saber war with Ryan. Needless to say, my brother won.
2. Sparkly nail polish.
3. Pasta for dinner.
4. A job well done at work.
5. The uncomfortable moment when my Lit teacher admited he did drugs in the 60s.
6. Ehlanas new puppy that I get to meet tomorrow.
7. Making friends with nice new people.
8. Worship music for my drive home.
9. Super, scary, dark fog. So heavy Keizer Station was not visible from the freeway. How is that possible?
10. Getting a Green Tea Frappucchino free with my coffee this morning. Quick story: Keizer Station Starbucks always gives me free drinks. Always. Or they upgrade my drink to the next size up. Even if I dont want it. I am always left sitting in my car wondering how I will drink 2 drinks. Somehow I always manage, though. I don't understand it. Does this happen to everyone??
11. Brooke Waggoner. Brooke Waggoner. Brooke Waggoner.

Seriously. Brooke Waggoner is/has been my favorite artist for the past year. I looooooove her.
Here is the link to her myspace.

Plus she has lushious red hair.

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