Tuesday, November 30, 2010

101 Dalmations

Funny story. So a few days ago Sarah borrowed 101 Dalmatians from us (on VHS, nonetheless). Just a little background, Hannah LOVED this movie. She seriously has always dreamed of owning her own dalmatian  one day and watched this movie non stop as a child. So she trusted Sarah to take good care of it, and return it in one piece. Sarah watched it, enjoyed it, and brought it back to us at church Sunday. Hannah put it in the pew rack in front of us and forgot all about it. She came home from church and panicked when she realized it was still in the pew rack. Like full on panic. We then had to remind her that 1. It was left at CHURCH. We hoped people of the church would not steal this beloved possession. 2. It was VHS. Do people other than us still own a VHS player?? 3. It was "well loved" (aka nasty). The case is cracked and has traces of what looks like chocolate. Not sure though. So right after school we rushed down to the church and hallelujah!:
IT WAS SAFE AND SOUND. It was a Christmas miracle. Lesson learned.

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