Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 45: Sick

Day 45. Sick.

I am sick. Very sick. But a lot of good has come out of today. It all started at 2 this morning. I threw up for about an hour. Luckily my mother heard me and came to my rescue. Seriously, she is the greatest. After I was finished, she sent me back to bed and cleaned up after me. Then it happened all over again about an hour later. And she got up again. That is love. I had it under control (kind of), yet she stayed with me then tucked me back in bed like when I was little. Can I just mention that before I started this whole incident, I was dreaming about those feathers I blogged about yesterday. What the heck...

Anywho. I slept all day and only was able to drink things. I hate this. I love food. Also, I laid on the couch for 12 straight hours today. I did not even get up to use the bathroom. This confuses me. How is that possible? Actually I am really confused. Confusion always happens when I have a fever. This post is probably way too much information, but I'm on like a fever high. I just cant stop.

But good things did come out of today.

1. My computer is back home all repaired. Perfect timing!
2. I was able to finish my paper for Lit. Not sure how I did it, but it took me forever. I kept falling asleep while writing it. Such a relief.

and 3.


Seriously. Those people know how to win a girls heart. I just found that to be the sweetest thing ever and it made me so so so so happy. I love my family.

Take a look at the contents:

I was all ready to drink up, but my mother advised me that probably was not the best choice in my condition. Alas, I will wait. But not long...

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